Eneragua manufactures and distributes compact disc filtration systems and equipment. The extensive development of our filtration technology offers our customers a multitude of solutions in very diverse fields within industry and agriculture.

filtro de anillas_eneragua

Eneragua's solution is based on a compact, robust and efficient self-cleaning disc filter that makes the concepts of water use and ergonomics go hand in hand. Thanks to these two objectives, we have managed to develop an efficient filter, capable of providing a solution to the filtration of any flow range and any required micron size, no matter how small or large the application requires.

«The availability of a range of microns from 5 to 500 μm makes the Eneragua filter present in any process, however demanding it may be.»
Diseño del los filtros de anillas_eneragua

Our filter media, the ring, offers a very ergonomic surface design, offering a high filter area. Thanks to its grooved arrangement, inclined in the form of a "swing", we ensure efficient depth filtration and high solids retention capacity.

«With a filtering surface per filter of 5,050 cm², the Eneragua filter is at the forefront of the market in filtration capacity.»


Our standard filtration equipment is classified according to modularity and flow:

Equipment designed for small flows, available in the version with 2-way or 3-way valves, you also have the option of working with hydro-pneumatic cleaning and external water.
They are specific equipment for large flows that allow you to combine 2 filters with a single 3-way valve keeping the filter vertically. When working with 3-way valves, the maximum pressure is 10 bars. In its valveless variant, intended for large plants, cleaning is done by cleaning modules rather than by equipment.
They are distinguished by combining a central collector that distributes the water to paired filters on its two sides. This configuration is very compact allowing to increase the density of filters per square meter. In its variant without valves, cleaning is done by equipment. They have the possibility of using external water for cleaning.


Multi-cartridge filter installations:

Filtros de anillas multicartuchos_eneragua
These filters have been designed to achieve a greater filtration surface per land area, making them ideal for large installations. They can be used in installations up to PN16.
Filtros de anillas multicartucho grandes caudales_Eneragua